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You know the story… it USED to fit..

Red Stitch has been growing.  You know it and we know it. But our budgets haven’t. We’ve had the same production budget for … um … 7 years!!

We really want each show to have the visual and atmospheric magic it deserves. And we want you to enjoy rich, wonderful productions.

You’ve been amazing, but we are asking you to dig deep again so we can deliver the standard of design that should come with “one of Melbourne’s best-known and respected theatre companies”. Thank you, Sydney Morning Herald…..    

We’re so grateful for your support.  We’ve been stretching and stretching those budgets, but its just getting a little uncomfy…. and we need your help.

Donations of any size can make a huge difference to what we can achieve.

We constantly strive to create work that captivates, challenges and excites audiences.
You can be part of making that happen.

Red Stitch is renowned as Australia’s premier ensemble theatre company, producing critically acclaimed theatre for national audiences.

Our unique artist-driven model is essential in realising our mission to advance the vitality of theatre in Australia, through nurturing artists and promoting integrity in our craft.

As an independent company, we generate 32% of our operating budget from tickets sales and only receive 10% in government funding. Because we believe so passionately in our work, our artists sacrifice up to 70% of their wages, which is equivalent to a massive 46% of our operational budget.

Charitable donations of any size play a vital role in ensuring Red Stitch will remain a vibrant beacon of theatre in Australia for years to come. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Kindred Program

Our Kindred members are like family. They make an annual donation of $1000 or more, and enjoy invitations to VIP events such as cocktail parties, opening nights and exclusive access to behind-the-scenes events with the artists, which provide an intimate interaction with the creative process of the company and its work.

Join Kindred

Corporate Partnerships

We provide bespoke partnership opportunities which enrich, and enhance your business. Theatre is a medium for communicating stories and ideas, which asks big questions about shared human experience. Becoming a Red Stitch Partner is an excellent opportunity to play a part in the ongoing conversations that theatre elicits, whilst accessing a unique, well-targeted platform to promote your business and extend your client base.



Leaving a legacy provides security to the company and ensures that the beauty and power of our performances will be there for future audiences to enjoy.


For more information please contact Development Manager Angelica Clunes on (03) 9533 8082 or