INK Applications for 2017 are now closed.

Dear Writers,

What’s really getting you going this year? Whose lives do you want to explore, what challenges you want to pose? We can’t wait to read all about it!

The Red Stitch Ensemble


Applications close Tuesday 31st January.

Please provide:

 Synopsis (1 paragraph)
– Script outline (up to 3 pages)
– Key themes and ideas (up to 1 page)
– Why do you want to develop this particular script with the Red Stitch ensemble? (1 paragraph)
– The first 20 pages of the script you are pitching

– A previously performed/published script or short story/extract/footage which has been professionally produced (OPTIONAL).

– Do you have a first draft of the entire script? Y/N
– Biography

Applicants must satisfy one of the following criteria to be eligible for this program:

  • One previously performed season of writing for theatre or film, either short or long form (to be submitted) OR
  • A graduate diploma, bachelor or higher writing course or recommendation from respected industry writing professional

Please note we cannot accept hard copy applications. Please send all material as an attachment in one email, with your name as the subject line.

Please download the application forms here:

PDF Form
Word Form

About the INK program.

Red Stitch actors are inspired by great writing. INK is Red Stitch’s initiative to develop new Australian plays.

We believe a meaningful engagement with Australian writers is vital to our theatre community and an investment in helping to shape our cultural identity. We love Australian stories and we want to bring a variety of voices to our stage from both at home and abroad.

INK seeks playwrights who are passionate about an original idea for a new play who also have an interest in collaborating with the Red Stitch ensemble actors. We want to work with writers who are committed to their idea and ready to go the distance, as we understand that play development is a complex process. INK is determined to develop and nurture work to its fullest potential in the pursuit of artistic collaboration and excellent writing.

If you are a playwright with a story you believe in and a desire to collaborate with our ensemble, we want to hear from you!

INK is proudly supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and our Kindred patrons the Kestin Family. 

2016 INK playwrights

Thanks to the Malcolm Robertson Foundation, we were able to accept a record number of new works for development in 2016-2017.

These extraordinary writers are at varying stages in their careers, ranging from emerging artists to very experienced playwrights. Each inspired the Ensemble with their proposal, and we’re having a great time working with them.


Jane Bodie

Li-Kim Chuah

Dan Lee

Megan Palinkas

We’re delighted to have programmed new works by 2015 INK playwrights Josephine Collins and Morgan Rose in the 2017 season.

Previous Writing Collaborations

We’re proud to have collaborated with the following artists.

Sunshine by Tom Holloway

Director Kirsten von Bibra
Red Stitch Season 2016

Sunshine was developed with the assistance of the City of Port Phillip


The Honey Bees by Caleb Lewis

Director Ella Caldwell
Red Stitch Season 2016


Jurassica by Dan Giovanonni

Director Bridget Balodis
Red Stitch Season 2015

Jurassica was developed with assistance of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Melbourne.


Dead Centre by Tom Holloway

Director Julian Meyrick
Red Stitch Season 2015
Darwin Festival 2015
Brisbane Festival 2015Director Julian Meyrick
Old Fitz Theatre, Sydney 2015

Dead Centre was developed with the assistance of the City of Port Phillip


The Mesh by Elise Hearst, Collaboration with Arthur

Director Paige Rattray
Red Stitch Season 2014

The Mesh was developed with the assistance of the Robert Salzer Foundation and the City of Port Phillip


Stop.Rewind by Melissa Bubnic

Director Anne Browning
Red Stitch 2010 Season
National Tour 2012 [/one_third]


Red Sky Morning by Tom Holloway

Director Sam Strong
Red Stitch 2008 Season
The Fairfax Theatre Arts Centre (2009 Full Tilt)
National Tour 2010

Red Sky Morning was developed with the assistance of the Australia Council for the Arts, The RE Ross Trust and Arts Victoria.


ROAM by Adam Cass

Director Gary Abrahams

“Together we’ve produced a work that is deeper and has infinitely more layers than anything I’ve come close to creating before.” – Adam Cass, Red Stitch Writers