About the program

Established in 2008, the program is designed to guide and enrich the transition from training institutions by providing a professional platform for artists to work in the industry. Each December we invite two graduates; an Actor and Stage Manager, to join Red Stitch as full ensemble members for the following year. In 2014 we extended this program to include graduating Directors.


Graduates are welcomed into the Red Stitch ensemble as full members and regarded as key stakeholders in the company.

Throughout their year long engagement with Red Stitch, graduates gain invaluable skills, experience and contacts. They develop their craft, form relationships with leading industry professionals, and have their work exposed on the Red Stitch stage.

This program often acts as a springboard for graduates, as many are recognised and go on to have successful and fulfilling careers in theatre.

A graduate year is not only busy but very exciting. Graduates:

  • work on multiple and diverse productions
  • source and develop new material
  • are involved in the day-to-day and season-to- season operations of Red Stitch.

Red Stitch is extremely proud of this unique program. No other theatre company in Australia offers such a rich and immersive opportunity to artists negotiating the transition from training to institution.


Emerging Actor Graduate

Acting Graduates from the Victorian College of the ArtsThe National TheatreFederation Uni (formerly BAPA), Howard Fine Acting Studioand 16th St  are eligible to audition (usually a 2-5 minute monologue) for the ensemble. The successful graduate will be offered at least two substantial performing roles during their 12-month membership with Red Stitch. Stage Managers are recent Production Graduates who are recommended by lecturers from Swinburne University and assessed by interview. Graduates work alongside industry professionals, receiving expert guidance and support from Red Stitch resident Designers and Production Management team. Directors that have graduated from a full time directing course within the past two years are invited to apply by written application and are assessed by viewings of their work and an interview process. Graduates assistant direct a number of Red Stitch shows throughout their placement year, building relationships with established practitioners and experiencing a variety of rehearsal processes. They are also given the opportunity to direct a piece for PLAYlist at Red Stitch.

Graduates are welcomed into the Red Stitch ensemble as full members and regarded as key stakeholders in the company.  In addition to working on productions, Grads are involved in the day-to-day, season-to-season workings of Red Stitch, including sourcing and developing new work. In accordance with Red Stitch policy, all members may take leave of absence for professional acting work outside the company.

Graduate Director – Alice Darling 2014 (Inaugural)

In 2013 Alice completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Performance Creation – Directing at the Victorian College of the Arts, and in 2014 received the inaugural graduate director placement at Red Stitch Actors Theatre. Alice’s directing credits include: ‘Tuesday’ by Louris van de Geer (VCA), ‘The Last Time I Saw Richard’ by Cat Commander (VCA), ‘I Want You but I Don’t Need You’ by Fleur Kilpatrick (PlayList – Red Stitch), ‘Like a Fishbone’ by Anthony Weigh (MKA – Hyprtxt Festival), ‘You Took the Stars’ by Cat Commander (Fire Curtain Co. – Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014) and ‘Killer Joe’ by Tracey Letts (Blackwater Productions).

Alice also has a Bachelor of Creative Arts – Drama (Honours) from Flinders University. During her time at Red Stitch Alice has assistant directed on ‘This Year’s Ashes’ by Jane Bodie, ‘Belleville’ by Amy Herzog, ‘The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas’ by Dennis Kelly and ‘Wet House’ by Paddy Campbell.

ALICE D_8025

The Red Stitch graduate director placement has been an invaluable learning experience. I have had the opportunity to be in rehearsal rooms, to meet industry professionals, to work on new writing, to direct excellent actors, to read great new plays and be involved in the day to day running of this exceptional company. Time and time again over the year I have found myself in awe of the balance between professionalism and passion that forms the backbone of Red Stitch Actors Theatre.

Graduate Stage Manager

Graduate stage managers are selected on recommendation and through interview with Red Stitch Production.

Expressions of Interest

Please forward your expression of interest with your CV to admin@redstitch.net