Welcome to Middletown | Launching Season 2016

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Will Eno is a remarkable playwright, who manages to somehow conjure immense and resounding moments from within tiny, recognisable human interactions. He is a poet. This has been my experience watching rehearsals for our final play of the year, Middletown. Director Alice Darling leads a stellar cast and design team in this poignant, funny gem. Set “in the middle of a beginning and an end,” Middletown is simultaneously familiar and curious and ultimately, a very special play. The perfect way to complete the year at Red Stitch!
On Tuesday Nov 24 we’re launching our 2016 Season at Riva in St Kilda. Next year is full of surprising, thought-provoking theatre, and we would love to see you at the launch to celebrate!
Warm wishes,
Ella Caldwell
Artistic Director