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I’m sitting in the rehearsal room, quite early, waiting for the actors to arrive. It’s a chilly Melbourne morning outside but to me, the room is already humming with the atmosphere and landscape of a family apiary in Darradup, Western Australia.
Directing THE HONEY BEES by Caleb Lewis is a wonderful, joyful challenge. It also kind of breaks your heart on days like yesterday when we dug into some of the final scenes on the farm.
Caleb captivates us with both the personal and the universal, simultaneously. To bring a new play of such scope to the stage for the first time is a gift, and the terrific cast and I are relishing each day of the process. The Honey Bees asks big, urgent and difficult questions. It is full of heart and humour. We can’t wait to share it with you.
See you at the theatre,
Artistic Director


by Caleb Lewis
Directed by Ella Caldwell
14 June – 16 July
Developed through INK
With Eva Seymour, Christopher Brown, Rebecca Bower,
Marta Kaczmarek & Katerina Kotsonis
Rehearsal shots the honey bees
Director Ella Caldwell in rehearsals with Christopher Brown as Daryl
Photography by Playdate Media
As the world’s honey bees disappear, a family-owned apiary struggles to keep up with overseas demand. Driven by matriarch Joan’s iron will, the business continues to grow. And then Melissa arrives from out of the blue.
The Honey Bees is a tale of family and empire; action and consequences; and what happens when the bee finally stings.



By Caleb Lewis
Directed by Ella Caldwell
Production Dramaturg Tom Healey
 Set & Costume Sophie Woodward
Lighting Daniel Anderson
Composition & Sound Daniel Nixon
Stage Manager Hannah Bullen
Assistant Stage Manager Maddie Lyman



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