“SUPERBLY REALISED” Wet House plays until April 18!

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by Paddy Campbell

Ensemble member Brett Cousins’ directorial debut is a hit! The reviews are in and the houses are full. Only 2 weeks left of Wet House.

What the critics are saying:

“Expertly rendered play” – The Age ★★★★

“Superbly realised” – The Australian

“Not a single scene is wasted, no dialogue is filler, no movement is pointless…a show that needs to be seen.” – Theatre Press

“It’s pretty much impossible to look away, and proves yet again that Red Stitch are the masters of intimate naturalism on Melbourne stages.” – Time Out ★★★★

“A dream cast…one of the best produced Red Stitch shows in recent memory.” – Daily Review ★★★★

“It’s a winner…the sense of authenticity in the play crackles and sparks…Go see.” – Australian Stage

Playing until April 18th
Wednesday – Friday, 8pm
Saturday 3pm & 8pm
Sunday 6:30pm



Fresh off the Sweet Charity stage, Kate Cole is trading the blonde bombshell bob for khaki overalls and army boots.

Opening in just two weeks, the hotly anticipated return of GROUNDED by George Brant plays at Melbourne’s newest arts hub, The Alex Theatre, until April 19 before heading north to captivate Sydney audiences.Founding ensemble member Kate delivers a “remarkable” solo performance as The Pilot. It’s no wonder tickets to this strictly limited Melbourne season are selling fast!  

Don’t miss your chance to experience one of the greatest performances you’re likely to see on an Australian stage.


SPOTLIGHT: Caleb Lewis

Q&A with Ink Writer Caleb Lewis.

Describe your play in a tweet.

All around the world, the bees are dying.  The Honey Bees is a tale of actions and consequences; Family and Empire; and what happens when the bee finally stings.

What excites you about Australian Theatre?

The possibilities. 

Best piece of advice you received from mentor Nick Enright or Edward Albee: 

Speak the lines out loud as you write them and listen.  Bad dialogue clangs like a bell. Avoid it. 

What advice can you give emerging playwrights? 

Read widely.  If people tell you to write what you know then know as much as possible.  Write only what excites you.  Writing can be a lonely business and you are often going it alone so make sure your idea is big enough to sustain your inspiration.  Don’t try to anticipate trends or write what you think you should be writing.  Write what you are passionate about.  Write what interests you.  Write what engages your imagination.  And if you find yourself getting bitter or jaded then take some time out, go for a swim or a hike, or play a board game with some friends, get out of your head.  You have one of the best jobs in the world.  But if you’re not enjoying it, stop.  That writing will still be there when you come back to it.  Oh and keep a notebook on you always.  The best ideas always come away from the desk.

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