Red Stitch and Deakin University : Part 1

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Our current show, ROAM, has utilised the talents of many different types of artists from various artistic backgrounds. As well as writer Adam Cass, director/dramaturge Gary Abrahams and the all-ensemble cast, Ella Caldwell, Ngaire Dawn Fair and Tim Potter, we have had a vast amount of creative input from the digital sphere. Benjamin Shaw as guest Set Designer; David Nelson (Happy Feet, Mad Max, Babe) as guest Visual Effects Supervisor; Michael Watson also as guest Visual Effects specialising in projection and 3D mapping; Jason Bovaird as guest Lighting Designer; Daniel Nixon as guest Sound Designer and Chloe Greaves as guest Costume Designer. We also had Deakin students who worked under the guidance of Rosemary Woodcock: Ben Meager, Sanjin Smitran, David Ambrus, Ji Yu Chen and Warden Li who utilised their motion capture lab to create avatars and visual effects for the production. We also formed a relationship with Deakin students majoring in Communication and Creative Arts.

Under the tutelage of Adrian Bruch, they were enrolled in the Digital Studio unit ACN203. Students were in 2nd and 3rd year and worked on the project for about six weeks as their major assignment. With guidance and a brief from Red Stitch the students worked together to create a common vision for promoting the show in a classroom setting while responding very successfully to a professional brief. Their skills included filmmaking, graphic design, animation and photography to name a few. It was an opportunity for them to work as part of a team with other students they hadn’t met previously and they all loved the challenge of interpreting the brief in a unique way. There was an equal mix of international and domestic students in the class and we are delighted to share the results of their hard work with you.



ROAM Teaser Cartoon

The world of ROAM, just like the internet, stretches far beyond the play itself, as you can see from the teaser video below. This first example, an animated insight into the lives of Johnny and Julia goes beyond Adam Cass’s script and delves deeper into the lives of our protagonists and the world of perpetual escape which is the World Wide Web. Further exploring the interactive and animated landscapes of the production itself, which are a landmark undertakings for Red Stitch as a company, this sneaky little teaser trailer will give you further insight to the characters and the play, far surpassing what you will see in our live action trailer already online. If you haven’t seem ROAM yet, then this will give you a taste of what is in store for you! If you have, it may even give you a fresh perspective on the show- either way, click away!

ROAM Teaser Cartoon

Cast Interviews

View this highly informative, intriguing interview with cast members Tim Potter, Ella Caldwell and Ngaire Dawn Fair and receive a clear breakdown of ROAM as well as the opportunity to delve deep into each of the fascinating characters with the actors as well as director Gary Abrahams. Hear about how this Australian play was brought to life and get up close and personal with the cast out of character before you see them in the show. This is a rare exclusive opportunity to hear from the actors themselves about the play and their exploration of their characters. Once you watch this backstage interview there is no way you will want to miss out on the most immersive theatre experience of the year in Melbourne!

Who’s who in ROAM?

ROAM Comic book

We are very excited to present to you Red Stitch’s first ever comic book! Penned by Deakin Digital Studio 13 and drawn and formatted in a classic anime style, this succinct little issue is a story all of its own. Helping to further build the complex relationship between Johnny & Julia, the comic is a prequel to the events outlined in the play by Adam Cass. Take a peek outside the play and see what it was that brought the couple to the edge of their relationship and how these events unfolded and bleed into the tragic story which is ROAM. It’s a great way to set the scene for Red Stitch’s production and if you can’t get the show out of your mind, this will certainly answer some of those lingering questions that may have been left unsaid. I won’t spoil it- take a look for yourself!

ROAM Comic


A very special thank you again to the Deakin Digital Studio team: Adrian Bruch, Adam Tunchay, Alexander Gubieski, Ashley Prezioso, Bianca Ruhland, Bobbie Casiano, Daniel Acott, Divya Sharma, Emma Boldeman, Glenn Karlsen, Isaac Gatsios, Joshua Wong, Keanan Carew, Keegan Rand, Ken Doan, Linrong Li, Song Luying, Magnolia Lac, Nichole Giovanni, Panu Tangwattanavorakul, Paul Allica, Peilong Li, Zero Tang, Sarah Hinkley, Sean De Souza, Bo Wang, Stine Bertelsen and Tim Martin.    

“Do you even play R.O.A.M…?” Look out for our second instalment next week!