Red Stitch and Deakin University : Part 3

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This is the final week of ROAM at Red Stitch and if you haven’t seen the show yet you better hurry! We are delighted to present you with the final instalment of the Red Stitch/Deakin collaboration for ROAM. We were overwhelmed at the amount of time, effort and talent that these students gave us for this project and we hope we can work together again in the future.


Enjoy watching the action packed fight scene rehearsal between Johnny and The Young Girl in ROAM. This short video shows the high levels of fitness and coordination required by the actors in this play and will provide you with an insight into how sword fights are created and bought to life for theatre. This rehearsal video footage shows the choreography learned to have the live sword fight between Johnny and the Young Girl match the sound effects of the swords. Before you view prepare to be taken to the world of ROAM and be blown away by the intensity of the fight scene and the actors’ sword skills.

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Take a look at the ROAM logo and QR code which was created by the Deakin Digital Studio unit. The logo design reflects Johnny’s armour costume in ROAM and the colours used are similar to those of Johnny’s costume. A QR code was also created and in keeping with the ROAM online game theme, the code was placed on a column image similar to those found throughout the scenery in the game ROAM. A QR code is also known as a ‘Quick Response’ code and is an advanced form of barcode that can store over 1800 characters of text information. With the advent of smartphones and QR code mobile reader applications, QR codes have grown in popularity for their convenience in transferring information to a mobile phone. QR codes can store many types of text information including: a website URL, contact information, a phone number, a geographic location, an SMS message to be sent to a phone number, a plain text number and a calendar event. The QR code can be used to on a smartphone in conjunction with an app to find Red Stitch contact details and show information. Be sure to check out these amazing, innovative creations.

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The bookmark showcases the ROAM characters as exquisite, intricately designed animations. This bookmark gives a great idea of the characters as they are seen in the comic book and carton that we previously shared with you. We see their emotions, relationships with one another and their obsession with this online game and the chaos it brings to their lives. The Deakin students have proved that so much can be conveyed in a small bookmark strip.

bruhland - BIANCA RUHLAND - 211272276 - 10 October, 2013 1052 AM - bookmark4


This gif of Ngaire who plays The Young Girl in ROAM gives you the opportunity to form your own opinion of what type of character ‘The Young Girl is before you go and find out in the play. The moving gif image of The Young Girl with her hair blowing in the wind generates of sense of mystery and intrigue about this Estonian girl that exists to Johnny solely online. This unforgettable, unique image will ensure you will want to visit Red Stitch for the full ROAM experience.



The dedicated, hardworking Deakin University students are the creative force behind all the extra ROAM related material provided for you in these blogs. Working together they have produced so many extra features associated with ROAM whilst providing little snippets and insights into the play, which has provided a greater understanding of the online gaming world to audiences before they see the show. The many weeks they spent creating this material has been captured in these photos and Red Stitch is very grateful for all their astonishing work.


A very special thank you again to the Deakin Digital Studio team: Adrian Bruch, Adam Tunchay, Alexander Gubieski, Ashley Prezioso, Bianca Ruhland, Bobbie Casiano, Daniel Acott, Divya Sharma, Emma Boldeman, Glenn Karlsen, Isaac Gatsios, Joshua Wong, Keanan Carew, Keegan Rand, Ken Doan, Linrong Li, Song Luying, Magnolia Lac, Nichole Giovanni, Panu Tangwattanavorakul, Paul Allica, Peilong Li, Zero Tang, Sarah Hinkley, Sean De Souza, Bo Wang, Stine Bertelsen and Tim Martin.   

We would also like to thank Deakin students who worked under the guidance of Rosemary Woodcock: Ben Meager, Sanjin Smitran, David Ambrus, Ji Yu Chen and Warden Li  who created avatars and visual effects for the production.
ROAM runs until Saturday November 9th so be sure to book your tickets at