Red Stitch and Deakin University : Part 2

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There are only nine shows left of our World Premiere of ROAM which has been receiving excellent reviews and playing to sold-out houses since it opened on Thursday 10th October. This enthralling production explores the vast world of the internet and online gaming and how it can be addictive and potentially damage human relationships. Deakin University students have created some truly astounding support material for the play and we are delighted to be able to share their talent and effort with you.




Be sure to have a look at this remarkable introduction to Red Stitch explaining all the intimate details about the company’s history, functionality and current productions with fascinating behind the scenes tours of Red Stitch just for you, without the crowds! There is detailed information on how to get to Red Stitch including a specialised animated map, unique video footage of where we’re located and how to find the closest tram stop or train station.


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This sequence was created by the Deakin Motion Capture lab and gives an amazing insight as to how motion capture avatars are created and bought to life for ROAM.  Motion capture animation technology is what makes the actors’ avatars come alive in ROAM. Avatars are an icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game or internet forum. Motion capture is the process or technique of recording an actor’s movements for the purpose of animating a digital character in a film or computer game. The avatars’ movements in ROAM are governed by motion capture rather than hand animation. Deakin University’s Motion Capture Lab team is behind the multi award-winning Tooheys ‘deer’ advertisement and the Abbotts Bakery ‘moving bread’ advertisement.  Be sure to check out ROAM; the most unique theatre experience in Melbourne this year!


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This highly detailed, striking gif image will immediately transport you into the world of ROAM and the characters that inhabit this internet game in the play – Johnny and the Young Girl. A gif is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. The meticulous detail in this close up moving image of the leading characters is another striking example of how computer technology can enhance a theatre experience. Blink and you’ll miss it!


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A very special thank you again to the Deakin Digital Studio team: Adrian Bruch, Adam Tunchay, Alexander Gubieski, Ashley Prezioso, Bianca Ruhland, Bobbie Casiano, Daniel Acott, Divya Sharma, Emma Boldeman, Glenn Karlsen, Isaac Gatsios, Joshua Wong, Keanan Carew, Keegan Rand, Ken Doan, Linrong Li, Song Luying, Magnolia Lac, Nichole Giovanni, Panu Tangwattanavorakul, Paul Allica, Peilong Li, Zero Tang, Sarah Hinkley, Sean De Souza, Bo Wang, Stine Bertelsen and Tim Martin.    

We would also like to thank Deakin students who worked under the guidance of Rosemary Woodcock: Ben Meager, Sanjin Smitran, David Ambrus, Ji Yu Chen and Warden Li  who created avatars and visual effects for the production.

ROAM runs until Saturday November 9th so be sure to book your tickets at