PLAYlist. Friday 13th March. ONE NIGHT ONLY!

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Following our inaugural sellout event in 2014, we bring you PLAYlist 2015 and it’s selling out fast!

The theme this year is Lust.

Each writer selects a song, each song inspires a playlet, each playlet is only as long as the song.

Experience new work by some of Melbourne’s most exciting artists while supporting Red Stitch in this fundraising event to support those artists in the future.

This is one night you won’t want to miss!

When: Friday, March 13th at 7pm
Where: The National Theatre, St Kilda
Tickets: $25 Concession, $25 MEAA, $40 Adult


We recommend you arrive at 6:45pm as the first shows begin at 7:00pm. *Please note: Grand Prix is on this weekend (which means extra traffic). Make sure to allow plenty of time to travel to the venue & find a park, we’d hate you to miss out on the first performances!

There will be limited ticket sales at the door, so best purchase yours online prior to the event. We will greet you at the door with information on how to navigate the event and ensure you find your way to seeing as many shows as possible on the night.


Bad Habits

Written by Rory Kelly
Directed by Tom Healey
Featuring Nicholas Aden, James Ballard, Ella Caldwell,
Xavier O’Shannessy & Sarah Sutherland
Song: Style by Taylor Swift
Who says you can’t have fun with your clothes on?

Blood Lust

Written by Anna Samson
Directed by Prue Clark
Featuring Kevin Kiernan-Molloy & Rosie Lockhart
Song: Angel From Montgomery by John Prine
“There’s so many people not to see me. That’s the real type of lonely that is. But then I met you…”

Cantor On The Day Of Atonement

Written by Marcel Dorney
Directed by Mark Wilson
Featuring Naomi Rukavina & Michael Wahr
Song: Jolson And Jones by Scott Walker
The Greatest Entertainer in the World comes face to face with History.


Detective Johnson

Written by Tim Potter
Directed by Tim Potter
Featuring Paul Ashcroft, Tim Potter & Kat Stewart
Song: Sweetest Thing by U2
Looks can be deceiving.

I Was Made For Loving You

Written by Alix Beane
Directed by Andrew Prowse
Featuring Ngaire Dawn Fair, Paul Henri & Celeste Markwell
Song: I Was Made For Loving You by KISS
Gillian gives up on love and goes in search of her perfect man.
Incredible in bed, impossibly considerate and utterly disposable. All she needs to do is turn him on.


Written by Aidan Fennessy
Directed by Tim Potter
Featuring Paul Blenheim, Ellen Grimshaw, Stephanie Lillis,
Lucy Norton & Matthew Whitty
Song: I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl by Nina Simone
One couple’s fantasy. In the dark.


Written by Jane Bodie
Directed by Luke Kerridge
Featuring Ray Chong Nee & Johnathan Peck
Song: This Charming Man by The Smiths, New York vocal 2008 remastered version
Two gruesomely handsome men on a lonely hillside, one of them has the equipment, both have needs. A gentle and charming telling of a modern rite of passage.

Sex Machine, A Verbatim Short

Written by Caleb Lewis
Directed by Danny Delahunty
Featuring Roderick Cairns, Eleanor Howlett, Dave Lamb & Shoshannah Oks
Song: Sex Machine by James Brown
“I always felt good about building things.”

Terrible Mammals

Written by Morgan Rose
Directed by Penny Harpham
Featuring Jordan Fraser-Trumble & Christina O’Neill
Song: Bump n’ Grind by R. Kelly
A true(ish) story about untamed animal attraction. A tragedy.

When I Grow Up

Written by Alice Ansara, Sophie Ross & Carole Yelland
Directed by Carole Yelland
Featuring Dan Spielman & Carole Yelland
Song: When I Grow Up sung by Shirley Temple, written by Ray Henderson & Edward Heyman
“Do you know in all my life, I’ve not once…”