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Ella is currently adventuring around Edinburgh, London and Italy meeting playwrights, agents and seeing plays – we miss her.

On the plus side, I was lucky enough to sit in on a early run of You Got Older by Clare Barron. I tried my darnedest to hold fast to my unflappable persona but was forcibly moved to tears. Laughy tears, cry-y tears, sobby chest filled ah-yes-this-is-life tears…cover completely blown. 

This tender gem of a play is a striking combination of intelligent actors living and breathing their world and the skilful, gentle direction of our brilliant Brett Cousins (Wet House).

We meet Mae at rock bottom, played by Emily Goddard (Glory Dazed). Mae has retreated to her home town to spend time with her Father (an overdue welcome to Francis Greenslade) and her uncannily cast siblings, during a difficult period. They talk life, gardening and the family smell. She searches for a deeper connection with a half-remembered childhood stranger and loves her family as best she can. But this is so much more than your average gal-returns-home tale: Mae co-exists in the jungle of her sexual subconscious; she is crawling in her own skin, braving blizzards and inventing fantasies with an impulsive cowboy(!).

It’s a coming-of-age story for adults, because we all regress sometimes, right?

See you at the theatre,

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Ngaire Dawn Fair

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You Got Older

By Clare Barron

Directed by Brett Cousins

With Eva Seymour, Lee Beckhurst, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Emily Goddard, Francis Greenslade, Penny Harpham and Mark Yeates.


31 August – October 1


Set Sophie Woodward

Costume  Matilda Woodroofe

Lighting Clare Springett

Sound Daniel Nixon & Chris Wenn

Assistant Director Joanne Booth

Stage Manager Hannah Bullen

Assistant Stage Manager Anthony Torouno

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