A Wild Ride… The Village Bike Opening Feb 5

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Ella & Matt TVB

I’ve just finished a big day (and night) of rehearsals for The Village Bike. The journey for me, Becky – is huge! It’s an emotional roller coaster and leaves me fairly shattered at the end of each run! But what a terrific script. The complexity of themes and the great humour and frankness throughout, is an absolute pleasure to embark on. We have Ngaire Dawn Fair as Director and I can’t express how fulfilling it is to have a fellow ensemble member with such passion and insight guiding us through this journey. And the cast – oh what a dream! Scroll down to watch the trailer and rehearsal photos and come see The Village Bike just to witness these incredible actors in their debut performances on our stage!

The Village Bike takes you, lifts you up and, yeah, throws you around a bit. I look forward to sharing the ride with you…

Ella Caldwell
Artistic Director


5 Feb – 5 March

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The Village Bike

In Rehearsal

Photography courtesy

Playdate Media

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