A first of its kind: Dead Centre by Tom Holloway | Sea Wall by Simon Stephens

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Dead Centre | Sea Wall  is the first of its kind for us. Let me give you a bit of context…

In 2007, Red Stitch produced the Australian premiere of Simon Stephens’ play Motortown. At the time we were developing a new Australian play by Tom Holloway, Red Sky Morning, directed by Sam Strong and featuring Ensemble Erin Dewar, Sarah Sutherland and David Whiteley. Red Sky Morning premiered to high acclaim the following year and subsequently toured Australia – the first new Australian work developed and produced by Red Stitch. I’ve remained a fan of Tom Holloway’s writing ever since.

When I read Sea Wall with the ensemble, I was floored. It was a shard of storytelling that left me profoundly moved.

I thought about it more, and considered how best to offer it to our audiences. It is such an immense story with such big questions inside it, in such a brief encounter.

In many ways, it reminded me of Tom’s writing and I wondered what would happen if we responded to Sea Wall specifically in an Australian context.

The extraordinary answer, from Tom, was his monodrama for a woman – Dead Centre.

Dead Centre | Sea Wall will be a very special experience at Red Stitch. I look forward to seeing you at the theatre,


Dead Centre | Sea Wall
Dead Centre | Sea Wall Trailer

From two award-winning playwrights comes an exhilarating cross-continental theatrical endeavour.

Featuring Ensemble Rosie Lockhart and Ben PrendergastDead Centre | Sea Wall is directed by Julian Meyrick. Matt Adey (Grounded) designs set & lighting, music composition by Ian Moorehead (Eurydice) and digital design by Katie Cavanagh.

In Dead Centre, we meet Helen. Inspired by a Fosters ad that seems to follow her on one particularly sad Tuesday, she books a flight from the UK and heads for sunny Australia in the hope of starting again. In Sea Wall, Alex invites us into his life and all that he cherishes. Bound together but living thousands of miles apart, Dead Centre and Sea Wall explore the stories of Helen and Alex whilst asking some of the larger questions of life in unexpected and heart-rending ways.

Previews 14th, 15th & 16th July
Q&A Thursday 30th July
This project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund

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