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Red Stitch Actors Theatre is Australia’s leading ensemble theatre company, presenting contemporary Australian and international plays.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we urgently require a stage manager to oversee part of the rehearsal period, as well as production week and the performance season for our world premiere season of Sunshine by Tom Holloway.

The position would suit an emerging but capable production professional who would like to opportunity to meet and work with some of Melbourne’s best theatre-makers.

The SM will need to be available as soon as possible (from no later than 26 September) until 5 November.

Red Stitch is unable to offer full fees for this role but a significant honorarium is payable in recognition of the SM’s important contribution.

This will be a rewarding and challenging role. We invite you to play a vital part in bringing this exciting new work to life.

To apply, please send a CV outlining your relevant experience to

Enquiries: or 0407 989 982.


Red Stitch is an ensemble of actors, but we love working with other artists, and we do this every production.  We hold auditions for specific roles that need to be filled for each show.  We source actors for these auditions through Showcast.

We also hold general auditions every few years.  The next generals will be in 2018. We are not taking submission at the moment, but feel free to send your information to and it will be kept on file. If a role comes up that you are appropriate for, you will be contacted at that point.